4 Ways of Safeguarding Your Business Premise from Electrical Accidents

As a business owner, you want to safeguard your business premise from anything that would pose as a potential threat to its survival. This would include theft, fires and floods among others. Electricity is good and unarguably useful for most businesses but can also pose as a great threat if handled improperly. Electricity can cause serious damage to property, severely injure people or even kill. Every year there are hundreds of cases of accidents at work involving electric burns or shocks. According to commercial electricians such as JDZ Lismore Electrical Service provider, most of the fatal accidents result from contact with overhead power lines.

JDZ Lismore Electrical Service Provider 

Those working or using electricity directly are not the only ones at risk – faulty electrical appliances and poor electrical installations may lead to accidents. This article will give some basic measures you need to undertake in order to protect your business premise from electrical catastrophes.

Ensure quality electrical installation

Workplace electrical safety is governed by a set of regulations. These regulations require that electrical systems including wiring and installation of permanent fixed equipment such as heaters, compressors and motors, be done in the most reasonable way to prevent danger. So, when new electrical systems are being installed or existing ones maintained in your business premise, make sure that the requirements of workplace electrical installation are followed soundly.

Routine inspection and testing

The purpose of testing and inspecting your electrical systems regularly is to determine whether the system is in a satisfactory condition or whether it needs repair or replacement. This involves a comprehensive visual examination as well as the appropriate testing. A reputable commercial electrician such as JDZ Lismore Electrical Service provider is well versed with such activities.

Depending on the type of business and the type of installation, inspection intervals will range between 1 and 5 years. If yours is a petrol filling station, an annual inspection is recommended. Retail businesses, restaurants and education establishments can have the inspection every 5 years.

Choose the right electrical contractor

The kind of person who installs your electrical systems will significantly affect the safety and efficiency of the system. Hire a qualified and reputable electrician. In addition to installing a sound electrical system, a qualified technician will advise you on other aspects of the system including budget and cost issues, component quality, aesthetics as well as usage requirements. Ensure that the electrical contractor is registered and certified by a recognized organization.

Use quality and suitable equipment

By investing in high quality equipment, you’ll significantly reduce the occurrence of electrical accidents. A good electrical contractor should guide you in purchasing quality components. Other than that, select equipment suited for the workplace. If the environment is flammable, wet or corrosive, you might want to consider the use of reduced voltage supplies or double insulated tools. Also provide adequate sockets to prevent overloading which may lead to electrical fires. If the environment is overly harsh, you may use hydraulic, air or hand-powered tools in place of electrical tools.

JDZ Lismore electrical service provider offers a broad range of commercial electrical safety services to ensure that your workplace is devoid of electrical hazards and it satisfies the requirements of the workplace electricity regulations. Check out http://www.jdzelectrical.com.au/business-electrical/ for more details.