The Cost of Insulating a Garage

Do you want your garage to be a more comfortable and conditioned space? Well, your best option is to insulate it using foam insulation. 

However, one of the biggest questions that come to mind is how much will it cost?  

Well, just like any project, the cost of insulating a garage using foam insulation will greatly differ on the square footage and project. The only material that offers an air seal is spray foam insulation. This makes your garage a conditioned space.  

Before you proceed with your garage spray foam insulation Detroit project, we’re going to discuss how much it is going to cost. 

Cost to Insulate the Ceiling of Your Garage 

If there is a room above your garage, a lot of professionals suggest insulating the ceiling as well.  

A lot of homeowners complain too often that the room above their garage is cold. The reason for this is that the cold air coming in through the garage is going up through the floor. Insulating the ceiling of the garage using spray foam will help make the room more comfortable.  

The cost of insulating your garage’s ceiling will greatly vary whether or not it’s finished.  

A professional will have to cut strips and spray the cavities if there’s drywall on the ceiling. Cutting will not be needed if the cavity of the ceiling is open. A professional will directly spray the foam into the cavity. The cost of installing insulation on the ceiling of your garage will run from around $1,500 to $3,000. 

Cost of Insulating a Finished Garage 

The project will need more money if the walls of your garage are finished. 

The reason for this is that the contractors will have to drill holes through the wall, inject the insulation, cover the holes, and create a patch to hide the holes. Luckily, you can insulate the walls of your garage without getting rid of all the drywall.  

When it comes to insulating a finished garage, you should expect to pay around $2,500 up to $4,000. 

Cost of Insulating an Unfinished Garage 

Not every homeowner has a finished garage. Perhaps you do not have any plans to finish your garage in the immediate future.  

If so, then the cost of insulating your garage will be a lot cheaper. The contractor will simply spray the foam to the open wall cavities. All you’ve got to do is to pick between closed cell spray foam or open cell spray foam. The choice can also affect the cost of the project. For those who don’t know, open cell spray foam is more affordable.  

When insulating an unfinished garage, you should expect to pay around $2,000 up to $3,000. 

Keep in mind that not all garages are built the same. That is why the cost of insulating a garage will vary from one place to another. The overall cost of insulating your garage ceiling and walls differs from the material you want to use. It can run around $3,000 to $8,000. Of course, if you want to insulate your garage door, you’ll have to spend an additional $200 to $300.