When designing your tile project, choosing a tile layout, shape, pattern, and color is one of the best parts. However, people sometimes ignore another crucial design factor. It is the grout color.  

The color of the grout can completely steal the show, fade into the background, or emphasize particular elements of the tile. It does not matter. It’s crucial to pick the correct color of the grout to achieve a high-quality tile design.  

To help you choose the ideal grout color for your Detroit tile installation project, here are a couple of tips you can follow: 

Multicolored Tile 

The multicolored tile might appear extremely difficult when it comes to choosing the grout color. However, you’ve got a couple of attractive options.  

  • If you choose a veined stone-look tile, you can pick to match the color of the grout with the base color of the tile or with the veining. 
  • Pick a grout color that blends as much as possible into the tile’s edges for patterned tile. This will help avoid interrupting the pattern. 
  • Choose a grout color dark or light enough that it will contrast with every color in your tile.  
  • Match the grout with one of the colors in the tile.  

Surrounding Interior Design 

Clearly, you want your grout color to match the color of your tile. However, you shouldn’t ignore the rest of the interior design.  

Grout color might appear less bold if it picks up the tones of the room. For instance, grout with red or brown hues can properly coordinate with leather, stone, brick, and wood. 

Before choosing a particular color for your grout, ask the designer for grout swatches to compare to the other colors in the room. 


You’ve got a lot of options to choose from when you want to play with patterns for your tiles. You might want to utilize thinner grout lines if the tile is patterned itself. Also, you can utilize neutral-colored grout to allow the pattern of the tile is the focus.  

Meanwhile, grout is an excellent way to capture attention to the layout or shape of your tile. 

The Complexity of the Design 

Though the location and size of your tile affect the design of tile installation, the color of the grout offers you the chance to influence the complexity of the design in any room. 

Keep in mind these rules: 

  • Pair the tile with a mid-tone neutral grout color if you want to achieve a look that splits the difference.  
  • Utilizing contrasting colors for the grout and tile makes for a more dynamic style.  
  • If you complement tile and grout colors, you can produce a minimalistic appearance with the grout lines fading into the background.  

Location of the Tile 

The location of the tile can affect the decisions you have for your grout.  

For example, backsplash tile and wall tile might be in your direct line of sight. This makes the grout color decision more noticeable immediately than it may be with some floor areas. In addition to that, it can be overwhelming to have a bold grout color contrast in a huge room.