Pool Fencing: How Function Meets Design

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If you have a pool at home, you need to consider installing a pool fence as a safety feature. In some parts of the world, pool fencing is required by law. It is a good thing that there are more options now when it comes to the style and design for pool fencing Gold Coast currently offers.

Pool Fencing Gold Coast

Balance Between Safety and Aesthetics

Safety is the number one factor when building Gold Coast pool fencing. However, there should be a right balance between safety and aesthetics. You need your pool fence to comply the laws in your region. But design and aesthetic value should also be taken into consideration. A pool can add a lot of value to your property but make sure you do not lose any of that value by installing a fence.

A badly designed pool fencing in Gold Coast can look like an eyesore. Aside from taking a few dollars off of the market value price for your property, it will also look less appealing to potential buyers or renters, should you decide to list it on the market. An expert on pool fencing will take into consideration the existing elements in your pool and the surrounding landscape when planning how to build the fence.

Collaborate Design

In order to achieve symmetry with the design of the pool fencing Gold Coast has, a good idea is to design it together with the surrounding landscape. When the landscape architect and the pool fence designer are able to consult with each other, it is more likely that you will get an aesthetically pleasing result. Even when your fence is beautifully designed, it will still stick out like a sore thumb when it does not match the pool design or its landscape. With a cohesive approach to the design, you are bound to make a more compelling visual impact.

Pool Fence Essentials

When you find pool fencing in Gold Coast, contractors will ask you about the type of material you wish to use when building the fence. Durability is the primary consideration for the fence; it should be able to provide the protection you need. Glass tops the list because not only does it offer optimum durability, it is also relatively easy to maintain. The slippery front face surface of glass also discourages climbing over the fence, which is always a concern with smaller kids wanting to jump into the pool.

The ideal height of a pool fence is 1.2 meters and should have no gaps that would enable children to fit through it. For the gate of the fence, the latches should be secured from the inside to prevent kids from reaching into it. There are certain regulations according to which state or city you live in as far as pool fence safety is concerned. Therefore, it is important to check into that when talking with a contractor so you can satisfy these regulations.

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