Things to Think About When Building Quality Granny Flats

Space has become quite competitive today such that each person wants to make good use of the space they have. Homeowners with extra space in the backyard are today using it to build granny flats. Building granny flats has become an insightful idea for anyone intending to make a shrewd investment. Granny flats are normally self-contained housing units that are usually located on a block. These flats look like a single-family dwelling mainly meant for the aging parents. If building granny flats Sunshine Coast has today is what you are thinking about, bear these considerations in mind:

Granny Flats Sunshine Coast

Main purpose

The finished granny flats should meet the primary need and purpose you had during the planning stage. The primary purpose of building the granny flats Sunshine Coast has today would determine the building cost and the sort of design you should choose. Some people build granny flats to rent out while others build them as security for their children. When their children get older, they would move them out to these flats to avoid paying rent out there.

Council requirements

Each council in every country is different in the way they handle construction matters. When planning to build granny flats, you should first visit the Department of Planning and Environment in your locality to find out about the requirements you need to fulfill. The department officials would come and assess the condition of your block and determine its eligibility. You could also get a private building certifier to assess the block and advise on whether or not you can build Sunshine Coast granny flats there.


Buildings with a backyard backing especially on a lane make the addition of granny flats easy. If you don’t have such a backyard backing, you would have to consider a side access. How people would access your granny flats in Sunshine Coast is crucial especially if you intend to rent them out. Most tenants wish to access any granny flat with ease although they still need some privacy. Tenants sitting on their porch should not see you in your backyard.

Functional, yet, simple design

The primary use of the granny flat will precede your design plans. Where possible, you should choose a simple design option that goes well with the design of your main house. Some people prefer building the granny flats Sunshine Coast has to offer behind luxury homes to give a homely look. Those building these flats have a homely setting in mind no matter whether they are building them for their children or for the aged. Instead of using cheaper materials, it’s good to go for quality materials that would bring out a practical, attractive design.

Good planning is all you need to do to succeed in any building project. Building granny flats is among the projects that require good planning. First know who would be living in those flats and then design them to suit their needs. If you want to rent a granny flat instead of building one, you only need to do your search well and get several references. Talking with friends and relatives concerning granny flat-hunting would help you find granny flats Sunshine Coast has today without straining much. Visit us now at