Is It Time? When Air Duct Cleaning is Crucial

There are no studies that conclusively demonstrate that dirty air ducts can have an adverse effect on your health and overall indoor air quality. This doesn’t mean, however, that air duct cleaning Atlanta GA and other cities offer should be off your list of HVAC maintenance.

This is because there are circumstances when repair and cleaning services that HVAC Atlanta offers are crucial.

When to Hire Duct Cleaning Atlanta GA Currently Offers

1. Allergy related illness in the household

Is someone in your family experiencing an illness or showing unusual symptoms that may be related to your home environment? It is possible that there are allergens, such as dust or mold, in air ducts that are being spread out. Someone who is particularly sensitive to these allergens could experience allergy-related symptoms. Having the air ducts cleaned is one possible solution to the problem.

2. Following a home renovation

Even the simplest remodeling can raise a significant amount of dust. You don’t want that dust to be blown out once you switched on the HVAC system. Even if ducts were sealed off during the renovation work, it is still wise to have it cleaned. This is especially vital if part of the work involves asbestos abatement or lead paint removal.

3. Evidence of mold growth

Mold growth can happen when insulation of the air ducts get wet. It can also grow on hard surfaces like the sheet metal used in the ductwork. Because it is not possible to visually inspect all sections of a heating and cooling system, you should hire HVAC Atlanta companies that can determine whether mold is growing in ducts.

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4. Signs of contaminants

Do you see pet hair, debris, and other contaminants coming out of the ducts after the registers have been vacuumed and cleaned? If yes, then the ducts definitely need to be cleaned. The same is true if a noticeable odor is being released into the room.

5. Evidence of animal infestation

Rodents and insects can find their way into your home’s ductwork and make it their home or nest. At the first sign of animal infestation, call the experts in animal removal or insect infestation and then have the ducts and HVAC cleaned.

6. Time for Air Duct Cleaning

Whether or not the conditions listed above exist, it is important that you schedule air ducts to be cleaned. Ductwork will become dirty and dusty over time, so it is only logical to have it cleaned occasionally. EPA does not recommend routine cleaning, only as needed. But as a preventive measure, air duct cleaning should be a part of a routine maintenance of your HVAC system.

An HVAC Atlanta company, such as Moncrief, offers a service plan that ensures your HVAC system stays in good condition for a long time. So why not take advantage of it?

Before you jump to the conclusion that your heating and cooling could use an HVAC replacement Atlanta offers, have the ductwork checked and cleaned first. It could be just the solution it needs. See more at