What You Should Do When Renovating a Small Bathroom

Even if you are dealing with small bathroom renovations, the process is never an easy undertaking because a lot goes into the process. If you do not have enough experience or you are not a professional in the construction industry, bathroom renovation can be a nightmare to you. Therefore, before you hire builders to start tearing your bathroom apart, have a clear idea of the changes that must be made in the bathroom. The renovation might be because of a leaking pipe, rusty shower, appearance or any other reason. Whatever the reason might be, you must consider the following tips.

The renovation costs

Before you start any form of renovation, budgeting is very critical. Some ignore this issue especially if they are dealing with small bathroom renovations. Being aware of the amount you need for the remodeling will ensure that you have an idea of the material to use and the items you will replace. You need to consult an experienced builder or architect to learn more about affordable bathroom renovations.

Have shower storage

A typical shower hanging from the ceiling and extending from the side of the bathroom consumes a lot of space and makes your already small bathroom look smaller and unattractive. You can avoid this by building a ceramic shelve at the corner of the bathroom, which would help the bathroom spacious and look more attractive.

Use small tub and a corner sink

Even though you want your bathroom to look fancy, space is not a luxury. Therefore, to maximize the limited space, consider shifting the sink to a corner if it is in the middle. A bathtub can consume a lot of space, which can make you think of it as an option. However, you can resolve this issue by purchasing small bathroom models. Most companies have started manufacturing smaller bathtubs to cater for customers like you.

Maximizing storage space

Creating space in a small bath can be tricky and sometimes expensive. To deal with this hurdle, you can check out for the affordable bathroom renovations Melbourne has today.  Designers from Melbourne city will advise you on how to maximize your storage space. This can be done by constructing wall cavities to store shampoos, soap, and toiletries.  Installing a ledge style shelf can be an effective way of creating storage space for towels.

Consider converting the bathtub to a shower

You might find out that you do not use your bathtub frequently, which implies that all this space is a waste to you. If you intend to carry out total bathroom renovations, it would be advisable to convert the bathtub into a shower. To do this, you do not have to reroute the plumbing, but you will create more space for your small bathroom.

Use curved shower rod and tap rods

If you are undertaking small bathroom renovations, you will be surprised to discover that curved shower rods consume little space. They might be a little bit expensive than the typical bars, but they are usually custom made to fit the space. They are usually attached to the wall using screws, which make them firm. You can check out CMD Plumbing HTTP://WWW.CMDPLUMBING.COM.AU/ for more information regarding bathroom renovations.